What is Online Education or E-learning?

The education which can be achieved by using the Online Technology like Internet Connected Computer, Video or Audio Tapes, Different Radio & Television Channel, CD or DVD ROM, Online Hard Drive or File Sharing Site, Removable Disk or Storage Device or other media then it is called the E-Learning or Online Education.

A people must have to have the knowledge or using Computer and Internet in order to survive in the Online Education Campus. One would fall in trouble if he/she doesn’t know about how to use the various computer and internet related applications or softwares.

So, how the Online Education can be defined?

Well, Online Education is one kind of education which can be achieved by online using Internet or related communication technology. The main difference between online and traditional campus based education is that – In online education you have to communicate and complete your scheduled classes by using any Internet or streaming media whereas in the Campus based education one must have attend the class physically and have to take note about whatever the teachers are saying.

So the essence is- regardless the syllabus of the degree or courses and no matter which medium student you are; in both media (Online & Campus Based) you must have to study to pass or achieve a degree.

The course or study material is different for two media. For instance; if you choose the Online Education, then your study material will be technology or gadget related like Laptop or Desktop, Earphone or Microphone, CD/DVD drive, Web cam, High-speed internet, Data Burning Software and hardware, Streaming software and related hardware, knowledge about how to operate the given software from  the Online Educational institution. And most importantly, you must have to be skilled on English or any other language by using which your online education providers are providing their teaching or materials.

Besides; the traditional campus based education needs papers, pen, books, notes, scheduled time for schools, and physical presence of the students and so on.

Eventually; to define the Online Education I should say: Online Education is an education which is combination of Online Media and Academic lessons.

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