What Are The Mistakes in Online Education The Students Often Do?

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This is the post that I should have published long ago. But, I thought students will be eager to know it from me. But none of these students who are interested in online education has not yet been asked me about what the Mistakes  in Online Education for studentscommon mistakes most of the students do are and how to avoid these mistakes.

Finally I have decided to let it know to the students eagerly. Because, it is very basic things that every online educational students must have to know. If someone misses it; they are missing a lot of valuable things.

You Never Connect With Others

To me, this is the great mistakes that most of the student do. Some students do it because they are extremely introverts and some others do it because of keeping their vanity. No matter what type of students you are; if you are in any of these two types, then I aware you to be cautious now! Online education is an education where the whole education process is done by remote system or using different online media. It’s not like the traditional schools where you can face your friends sitting on the next bench with your problems. In online education, if you have any problem; you will not have any space or library where you will get rid of it. Instead, if you have an online friend who are the same students of your online university and if you connect with her/him regularly; then the total problems can easily be solved. What you don’t know and with what you messed up; you friend might know about it. He can give you solution and that will save your time and communication cost. So, it’s better to stay connected with other students and peers which will ultimately be beneficial for you.

You Chosen the School Which Hasn’t Yet Been Accredited

Online education degree means a degree on which your career and future will depend. It’s a great mistake if you don’t do enough research to know that your online school or university is accredited or not. As you are investing lots of money here; why not you will be sure about the accreditation of your online school before getting admitted there? Check when this online institute or website has been created and how long they are serving. Go to Google and find available information about these. Overlook that – are they enlisted in Accrediting Agency and the US Department of Education?

You Lost All of Your Academic & Exam Transcript

It sounds odd man! I saw a lot of students who have lost their academical transcript and exam’s admit cards. You have to remember that; it’s not a traditional school courses. All of the process is done in Online Schools take some valuable time. Make sure, all of the papers sent by online schools are reaching to your door via postal services or couriers at proper time with well-conditioned.

You Don’t Take the Financial Offers

Most of the online university offers various financial offers like loans, aids, grants, or scholarships. You should take part of these scholarship exams and grab the opportunity to take student loans or aids. These offers will save your money and easier your financial process for your total online education budget.

You Pays Money More than Others

There are a trends has been set named “cheap online degree”. Yeah; if you find accredited online schools who offer popular online education degrees cheaply; there is no reason to avoid it. Find the university who are offering courses cheaply and take these.

You Are Chaotic & Not Disciplined At All

Online education needs proper maintaining of a time where the class sessions will be started. If you don’t attend the online classes; you will miss a lot. You must have to have a goal and a specific time to reach that goal. So, be disciplined and make your online education journey easier and clean.

You Don’t Know How to Use Online Resources

There are a lot of free online tools and resources available. If you don’t know how to use various search engines and meta-search engines to find these; then you will miss a lot and will have to be nominated as the backdated student who always sit at the last bench of a class.

You Think Online Education Is Very Easy and Don’t Study At All

Some students think that the courses and syllabus of Online Education is very easy to follow and don’t need so much attention to read or study. It’s true that the online education is little bit flexible and easier but not so much easy like what the so called students think. And they realize the true when they fail in examination and lose lots of money. So, treat the online education as the traditional education; read every lessons and study lectures carefully.

If you don’t do these mistakes then, you will be able to be a good student in Online Education Schools.

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Baric July 27, 2010 at 6:39 pm

People often do not follow instructions, and when something does not work, they say that something bad.


Kristin November 17, 2010 at 11:53 pm

Great points! I think some online schools are becoming aware of these very important issues you bring up and taking them into consideration when developing their programs. For instance, to combat your first point, that students no longer connect, online schools are setting up private chat sites exclusively for their students. With that being said, it is very important to research the various online schools and even others’ reviews about them.

Check out Forest Trail Academy, at http://www.foresttrailacademyus.com, to learn more about why Forest Trail is rated #1 and a great online option for students!


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