US Teachers Are Not Good Enough For Mathematics Teaching!!!

Yeah! Are you shocked and little bit confused after reading this headline? If so, I am sorry. It’s a news report that has been revealed after a long time research by the famous Teacher Education Study in Mathematics (TES-M) which is a International research institution who are evaluating how the Math teachers are trained.

The fact was published on a seminar which was held in the Washington DC at April 15,2010.

According to the study reports of TES-M; the middle school mathematics teacher’s teaching method is not good enough and not contemporary to make the US students more up to date with this world.
They also revealed that, the rank and status of the elementary teachers are in the middle stage where the Taiwan, Singapore, Switzerland are in top and the Russian Federation, Germany and Norway are in the same as US teachers.

The researcher however found a reason which is “the American future teachers are being trained weakly in Mathematics and they are not well prepared to compete internationally”.

They also found some possible changes that would help the US respective authority to get rid it soon.

The solutions they have found are –

  1. Have to recruit the teachers who has strong quantitative backgrounds.
  2. The teaching certification program must be standardized at all over the states.
  3. In Mathematics, more demanding curriculum should be applied.
  4. The total policy should be changed replacing the updated strong policy.

To me, it’s a temporary problem. I hope, within very shorter the respective authority of US study will look after it and got a superb solution.

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