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5 Tips On How Do I Manage My Child To Learn Something?

Well, it seems you are in trouble to manage your child to learn something. It seems, you want to get your child to do his/her homework, but he/she is making mischief and don’t want to go the reading table. It seems, you are really tired to make pressure on your Childs to make them attentive on study to obtain a better educational result or certificates. That means, your overall child education system is messed?

To me, you often ask yourself like – But how? Is there any secret magic that’s why I see some other Child are doing well in… Continue reading

How to Study or Learn a Lesson with a Scientific & Effective Way

We all are student; but how many of us really know how to read? How many students know how to solve a problem of a lesson in a effective way? How many of us know; how to memorize a lesson in a scientific way so that we will be able to manipulate the learned things on our practical life?

The embarrassing answer is- a few of us know the exact and effective way of studying.

For the sake of proper study; a lot of procedures are to followed by the peoples. But have we ever thought that; is this… Continue reading

US Teachers Are Not Good Enough For Mathematics Teaching!!!

Yeah! Are you shocked and little bit confused after reading this headline? If so, I am sorry. It’s a news report that has been revealed after a long time research by the famous Teacher Education Study in Mathematics (TES-M) which is a International research institution who are evaluating how the Math teachers are trained.

The fact was published on a seminar which was held in the Washington DC at April 15,2010.

According to the study reports of TES-M; the middle school mathematics teacher’s teaching method is not good enough and not contemporary to make the US students more up to… Continue reading

Some Books About Online Education | Buy Distance Education Books

Today, I will give you some news and links about the Distance Education Guide Books by which you can enhance your distance education career. I would like to recommend you to buy these books from Amazon (A reliable Online Shop) and of course, the shipping will be free for you! I am damn sure, these information Q&A books will make your online education journey easier and tension-less.

An Administrator’s Guide to Online Education (PB) (USDLA Book Series on Distance Learning); :

This is the book which will fill your needs as an online education administrator. By this book… Continue reading

How An Online Degree Can Give You A Faster Education Certificate?

It’s the world where people want to get done any work, spending a less time, less money and having a less pain. Everyday new technology is being invented due to accelerate the social things and to make it easier.

Now a day, peoples are rushing to get the educational degree within very shorter thinking the competitive job market.  Because, the sooner one can get a degree the better he/she will have the probability to manage a job. And the sooner one can manage a job, the more he/she will gain the experience to get a better job at near future.… Continue reading

How To Be Well Prepared For The Online Examination

Those who just have joined in Online Education they may feel some problem about how to be prepared, what the things I will need to accomplish the online exams and what should I do now.

In this post I will successively point out how you can be well prepared for your online examination.

Maximum of the online examination is completed by video chatting or online phone conversation. So I will briefly discuss these.

  1. Use Skype: Do you familiar with Skype? If not, this is the time for you to open an account on Skype. To do it; just go… Continue reading