How Online University Students Can Make Friendship Each Other?

In online education, students follow the DIY method. DIY means do it yourself. The exams, the classes, the tests, and the experiments are taken individually in online education. As the online student stays in room all-time and he/she doesn’t have to leave to outside; it’s really a tough matter to manage friends and interact with other peoples.

But, there are some great ways by using which an online education institute’s student will be able to make friendship or any other relationship with others. Even, a student can find the other students of same subjects and in same institutes.

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How to Keep My Friendship Everlasting During Study Life?

Everybody of us, have some friends. We each have some close friends too. Just count, how many of your friends still your friend? How many of them have left you? And, if the number friends are huge who have left you, ask yourself “WHY”? What is the main reason that is why your friends are leaving you?

Have you ever tried to recognize what’s wrong with you they have made to close a friendship relation?
Anyways, here are the big 5 tips to make your friendship everlasting

1. Sacrifice: There are no alternatives of “SACRIFICE” to make a… Continue reading