Scholarship for California/Georgia students to get Computer & Information Science Degree

In these education world; some specific organizations are offering scholarship or education aids for the specific regional students and learners. Like that, two Scholarships are available for the students living in California or Georgia, USA who are wanting to have a graduation degree provided that they have Major in Computer and Information Science.

The amount of Scholarship and the duration of the Scholarship are varied from organizations to organizations and Scholarship itself. Some will provide just one year scholarship in your Graduate
The students who have obtained GPA 3 from their College and lives in California or Georgia they can get two awesome scholarships from —-
1. Anthony J. Tan Alumni Scholarship.
2. Judge and Usha Oberoi.
The above mentioned two Scholarships are offered basically to the students who are interested in Computer and Information Science Degree in their Graduate School.
Let’s check out each of the Scholarship phenomenon briefly:-

Anthony J. Tan Alumni Scholarship:
This scholarship is specially designed for the students of Georgia College state university in the Category of sophomores, juniors, seniors and Graduate Students. This could be a great award or scholarship for the students who taken their major in Computer Science and obtained GPA 3.oo or above.

Judge and Usha Oberoi Scholarship:
This Scholarship is available for the students of Eastern Illinois University and who have the major in Computer and IT related subjects. You need to have a minimum GPA of 3 to be eligible for this Scholarship.

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