Review About – Khan Academy – Udacity and Coursera

These three awesome learning platforms have just changed the world. These have changed the way people thought of learning any stuffs. These have made the education process much easier than ever.

In today’s post I will discuss about these three online education platforms along with some information that you might have not known.

Khan Academy: Khan Academy is founded by a Bangladeshi-lineage Salman A. Khan at September of 2008. Firstly he started with mathematics lesson. Later he started to added lots of valuable contents whose covers sociology, sciences, literature, technology and so many stuffs. This online education platform is totally free and anyone can access the video lessons uploaded on the site. Over 7 million unique visitors are coming daily on Khan Academy to learn various stuffs as of their interests. A student, teachers and the parents can assess any individual’s performance and they all can make their own profile. The Khan Academy provides a default badge system to reward the account holder and show their performance based upon how long they stays on the site and how much lessons they have already learned to completed. Khan Academy also have a widely user based forum where the students, parents and the teachers can interact with.Review of Khan Academy-Udacity and Coursera

Udacity: By the AIM of democratizing education; some of the former professor of Stanford University along with some researchers named David, Mike and Sebastin founded this education organization in 2011. This is not a free educational platform like Khan Academy. But the numbers of quality courses and the exam values have made this site bigger and really informative to worldwide. More than 7390000 students are currently taking classes and enjoying the online education and courses from all over the world in Udacity.

Coursera: Coursera is another awesome education and learning platform founded by Andrew Ng and Kollar from Stanford. Coursera is a free platform where any lessons can be learned without spending a single of penny. Coursera gathers various video lessons and learning materials from all over the world including Interviews, events, class lectures and video lessons to make every student a master on their respective field of interest. Coursera currently has more than 6800000 students from all over the world who are taking free online classes from the Online Education Portal.

Now it’s your turn? Do you want to still stay in garbage when some awesome free online education platform on the reach of your hand? Just make every single time of your life worthwhile. Learn new stuffs, build expertise and contribute to the world to give something fresh to enjoy. Gift a better world and make people smiles.

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