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Online free classes and courses is formed for the e-learners and distance learners. It is worth mentioning that you won’t get any credit or certificate from the free online classes or courses. This type of free classes is designed to make a online student more efficient on online learning and understandable to the whole online educational systems.

There are a lot of online  universities and organizations available who offers various free classes and courses in various topics like Information Technology, Finance, Nursing, Laws, Arts, Science and lot of others faculty.

In this post, I will give you a list of the web-pages from where you can download the free online courses and classes and there you will also get enough information about distance learning. So buddy……..go ahead.

Online Free Religion/Religious Classes: .

Some university & colleges and even churches are providing free course on religion. Some items they provide are downloadable too.

1. Free Bible Study
2. Bible Study Lessons
3. Bible Universe Free
4. Buddhist Studies
5. Christianity Free Studies
6. Catholicism Free Course
7. American International Geeta Society
8. Studying Islam
9. Islamic Education

Online Free Language Courses:

A lot of linguistic firms and Universities are offering free courses on Language Learning and they provides free classes for downloading.
1. Arabic Language Free
2. Native Arabic Learnings
3. Free Chinese Language Course
4. Learn French Free
5. Get Free Course on German
6. Free class on Italian Learnings

Free Online Cooking Classes & Courses:

The women and men are wanted to learn how to cook by using Internet; the free online cooking classes can be a great and free source for them. Just grab these links now!
1. Arizona Central Cooking
2. Food Videos of BHG
3. Canadian Cooking Class
4. Cooking Course free from CNN
5. American Food Making Tips Class
Hope you guys will take the advantages of the free classes and courses available on this post offered by various organizations and colleges online. Cheers!

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