Online Education: Where to start

Before considering Online Education for yourself, you must have to know the knitty gritty of it. There are a lot of things to consider before you rush. So, what are these? Check below now!

Distance Learning

With the demands of work and family to consider, many individuals have chosen to pursue college degrees online. Distance learning is not a new trend, students have been earning their degrees from home since the 19th century when the University of London opened its External Programme, but with the conveniences available through the internet, students have more options for education available at the click of a mouse.

Potential online students should first consider if online education is appropriate for their lifestyles. Pursuing a degree at an online institution offers students more flexible schedules by removing rigidly scheduled class times, but deadlines are not completely absent from the situation. Assignments in online college still have due dates that students must abide by to receive good grades and because there are no set times during which to attend class, potential online students should ask themselves if they possess enough self-discipline to set their own classroom hours and stick to them. If they answer yes, positive that they can balance their schooling with their pre-existing obligations, the college hunting process can begin.

Searching For The Right School

Many online institutions feature open enrollment policies, which is only one factor for potential students to consider. Degree programs vary drastically between online schools, so when considering applying, students should make sure to never compromise on their desired courses of study. Furthermore, many online colleges cost about the same per credit as physical colleges, so most students will have to apply for financial aid. The process for federal aid is the same; a simple FAFSA will do the trick.

When consulting academic counselors for potential colleges, online students should prepare a list of questions, the answers to which vary greatly between institutions. Are there any attendance requirements? Do I have to order textbooks? How many classes can I take at once? How long does each class take to complete? Depending on how accommodating a college is to its students’ schedules, potential applicants might want to consider looking elsewhere.

After Enrollment

The first few months into an online degree are crucial because it is during this time that students get their bearings. Students should use this time window to determine how much time they can devote to their studies & online classes and on which days. Everyone has a unique approach; some can pack all their work into a few days while others spread their time evenly throughout the week. Finding the right pace is a process and can take some time to figure out. With no set times or days to attend class, self-discipline is the key to making it through online college.

Louise Baker is a freelance blogger who usually writes about accredited online colleges for Zen College Life. Her most recent article ranked online criminal justice degrees.

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2 Responses to Online Education: Where to start

  • Great article, Louise! Students who are considering online education should strongly consider their study habits and self-discipline. If they’re thinking about enrolling in online school because they are trying to get out of going to class or if they think it’ll be less work, they are sorely mistaken and should enroll in campus-based college. It takes a lot of discipline and dedication to be successful with online college programs.

  • Neil Martin says:

    Online education is a great way to help with learning whatever the age. It is also adaptive to particular learning styles.

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