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Recently an infographic from Bayt.Com showed that the online education popularity and demand has been insanely increased in various countries of Middle East. As the education rate is being increased in Middle East; students and guardians are also being inclined in the newly brought online education system in ME.

However, I am not giving you the infographic here but I will be writing what that infographic said successively. It seems, a survey was conducted over the Middle East students and Guardians about the Online Education Possibilities and thinking. By using the survey results; that’s infographic was made. So, it’s better to tell you what was mentioned in that graphical education in middle east

Lots of question was asked to the online peoples of Middle East like Jordan, Bahrain, Egypt, Kuwait, Morocco, Lebanon, Oman, KSA, UAE and other general peoples who are staying in Middle East now. Their answers were like below:-

  • Are you with or against the Online Education?

85.2% of peoples said that they are with the Online Education where the rest 14.8% are against of this kind of Education.

  • Do you think that Online Education is better viewed today than it was 5 years ago?

69.9% said that the online education is being better viewed by the Middle East corporate firms and the rest of the peoples are not sure about what is going on.

  • Have you ever pursued any online education?

55.4% said that they haven’t yet taken any online education programs and the rest of 44.6% peoples said that they have already pursued any of online education programs or courses.

  •  Would you consider pursuing an online education degree program?

39.3% said that they will pursue an online education within near future and they preferred the Post-Graduate program to take. The rest of 17.4% said that they are ok with the traditional education.

  • How credible are online education by comparing with traditional education?

58.9% assume that the online education is less credible than the traditional education. And the 17.4% assume that the online education is better than the traditional education.

  • What do you think would be the best type of education system?

66.7% think that the mix of online and campus based education is better.

  • Compared to graduates who followed a traditional form of education, how do you perceive graduates of online education program?

12.2% people said that they think the online graduates are more goal oriented, 11.8% thinks that the online graduates are more organized, 10.9% thinks that online graduates are better at time management, 5.1% thinks that online graduates are more motivated. Some others thinks that online graduates doest deserve any of the compliments above.

  • Do you think that face to face education is easier than the traditional education?

82.2% peoples answered yes to this question.

  • Does your company hire applicants with an online degree?

54.9% peoples answered that their organizations are accepting the applicants followed by any online degree.

  •  Does your company prefer recruiting applicants with a traditional degree than an online degree holder?

61.9% peoples said yes to this question.

  • Which career level do applicants with an online degree get hired at your Company?

43.7% people said that their company hired applicants with online degree for fulfilling their entry level posts.


This is the survey that clearly tells us that the popularity and reliance on Online Education in Middle East has been increased and increasing quickly too.

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