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There are lots of online education institutions are available on the world but how many of these are accredited and how much qualified the one on which you want to get yourself admitted as a online Student? So it very crucial to have some research on which university is best and what the subject will be worthy for my future? Choosing a subject is very important. During choosing a course that you will learn online, it may not exist on all of the university. So choose the correct subject along with the correct online university or schools. Online Education Faculty

In this post I will talk about a university which is Higher Learning Comission accredited and offers some valuable and high-demandable online education faculty and still famous on America. The name of the university is “University of Phonix”. It is the most famous private university of USA and opened some new online education faculty, as the demand of online education is increasing day by day.

There are lots of online courses and departments the University of Phonix have. In this post I will just tell you the name of the faculty or department. And you know a faculty may have plenty of subjects to study. You only need to guess on which dept I should study on. However, I will give you the source link from where you will get more information if it is needed.

Here let me tell you the online education faculty names:

1. Social Science & Criminal Justice Faculty: It is the faculty which is most demandable in today’s job market. The phonix university offers three courses under this faculty.
These are – • Associate of Arts in Communications
• Associate of Arts in General Studies
• Bachelor of Science in Communication

2. Business & MBA Faculty: In this faculty they have 39 courses to offer. Fancy what! Just grab any of the subjects and start e-learning. I am not mentioning the subjects here. Rather I am giving you link where you will be able to get all of the online education faculty information along with a free email letter from the University of Phonix authority with the details you want to know. The link is: University of Phonix Online Faculty Listing
3. Computer & IT Faculty: This faculty has 17 courses to offer. Just know the subjects by following the link I mentioned above.
4. Education & Training: It also offers more than 18 online courses. In this case follow the above link too.
5. Health-Medicine & Nursing Faculty: 27 Course are available to get yourself admitted to be a student of an online educational institution.
6. Faculty of Science & Technology: Though the University of Phonix Offers Just Only One Online Education Faculty named science and technology which just offers one course to get but the quality of them are good enough.
So people! Have you got something valuable to persuade yourself to get yourself admitted on phonix? I should suggest you to search more information before getting admitted to secure your online education faculty journey. You will get the online related tips and information from this ….so just keep visiting buddy.

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I kind of disagree, but I do see your point.


shamims February 16, 2010 at 7:14 pm

On which point you disagree? If you would elaborate I would be happy. I prefer any kind of criticism.


nikunj March 11, 2010 at 10:53 am

hi, i m nikunj chotaliya i int. in study in USA replay me


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