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Online Counseling Degree is a speedily growing degree as per its demand in the job market. The courses related to online counseling degree is designed resembled with the on-campus based degree curriculum. In this article I will discuss about the online schools located at California, USA and which are currently providing counseling degree in online format for the students.

Careers for the Counselors

Those students who are planning to earn a counseling degree online; they have taken one of their best decisions in their life. Because, the huge demand of counselors in this world have been insanely increased. It’s because peoples are hell lot busy with their as usual life styles and they don’t have enough time and patience to brainstorm a fact and make a decision on it. So, these peoples just directly go to any related counselors and ask them to decide on which way they should go. Thus way, peoples are saving time and extra headache and besides, the counselors are making money. There are lots of arenas where you can easily be an expert and assist others to make a decision by providing your useful and effective counseling. Some are these are: Students Counseling ( students who are in trouble or messed up with which subjects or majors they should take in college), Jobs Counseling ( Job candidates who want to find a better job than their existent jobs), Mental Health Counseling ( Working with a people’s mind and giving them the best solution ever or help him to solve a life puzzle), Loan or Debt Counseling ( Helping peoples to pursue the best loan and mortgage system and debt management), Counseling at Christian Missionary and so on.Online Counseling Degree In California Online Schools

Requirements of Enrollment in Online Counseling Degree

As we are talking about the Online Counseling Degree; I will mostly talk about the online colleges and schools whose are providing counseling degree online. Basically in the California states of America some common enrollment requirements for counseling degree are:

>A Bachelors Degree if you want to enroll in master degree.

>MAT exam results and sometimes it is not needed in all of the university.

>A Grade Point of average 3.0 or above is required.

>Enrollment Application Form should be correctly completed with all the Educational Transcript and sometimes you may have to spend $40 dollars non-refundable fees for the application.

Tuition Fees for This Online Degree Achievement

Tuition fee varies for each of the online university or colleges and most of the time the tuition fees for this online counseling degree on California online schools are about $6500 to $10000. It is worth mentioning that; degree related to health counseling required more tuition fees than the traditional counseling courses.

Recommended Online Schools Located At California

  1. University of Southern California – located at Los Angeles.
  2. Biola University – located at La Mirada.
  3. Chapman University – located at Orange.
  4. University of San Diego – located at Sand Diego.
  5. University of the Pacific – located at the Stockton.
  6. University of La Verne – located at La Verne.

Accreditation Info

This is the thing which you must and carefully checkout before getting enrolled in any online schools pursuing the online counseling degree. Without having an accredited degree; you might be in trouble in your job career. So, I suggest you to check every educational and official website of the online college where you are planning to get enrolled in and search sufficient accreditation information to make you believe that this is the right schools for you.

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Jobs online March 25, 2012 at 10:20 am

This degree is limited only to US citizens or other countries too?


Amy (DegreeMatch) April 11, 2012 at 11:17 pm

Argosy University Grad School is another school that has campus locations in California. They have locations in San Francisco, Orange County, San Diego, Inland Empire and Los Angeles, and offer online, campus, and blended learning options at their College of Psychology and Behavioral Sciences.


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