Learn About E-learning 2.0 & It’s Software & Systems

The conventional E-learning process is totally changed now! Where there was a concept of E-learning is taking an online course with a fixed bundle of instructions; things changed to very modern concept which is learning by the peoples and mates in online by online stuffs like Social media, social news and different social activities. As the technology is being changed, as the online behavior of the peoples also being changed, it’s very normal that the Education systems (especially online education or distance education) will be changed to run with the modern trends.

Now what the changes actually have happened so that we should call this as E-learning 2.0? Well, there are some basics I have already told above and few of the rest are enlisting like below -

1. Using Social websites like Facebook, Myspace, Twitter as the media of E-learning.

2. Social Media softwares like Flickr, Video uploading software etc for Media and learning materials transferring and downloading.

3. Using different Instant Messenger like Yahoo, GTalk, MSN etc to contact with another mates on another end of the world to share educational experiences and materials.

4. Using Voice Chat & Text chat to share educational news and learning.

5. Brainstorming for new E-learning and Online Educational news on different Wikis and Blogs that are available on net now.

6. Downloading various e-learning materials or online educational materials from various online storage like Mediafire or Rapidshare etc.

Actually the major thing of E-learning two is using different online social softwares and social systems to create a communication amongst the other related online students and teachers.

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2 Responses to Learn About E-learning 2.0 & It’s Software & Systems

  • Poker says:

    First and foremost I would like to thank you all for posting such valuable information. I’m an entrepreneur and planning to continue studying on different aspects and this post really helped me a lot. Thanks again and more power to the site.

  • Thanks for sharing such informative post. Really, helped me alot.
    I kept on updating my knowledge by visiting many social websites like wiki, blogs and forums. Forums are useful for postings the problems as well as answers we get are excellent, more than 100% in short.

    Nice article :)

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