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Khan Academy is one of the largest and famous free online education providers which only use Video medium to teach the students. Khan Academy providing their exclusive free classes by capturing every classes in Videos and uploaded it into their website. Most importantly, their database consists of 85,557,164 Video lessons on various topics from Math to Art and every lesson is free to take and easy to exercise by using this Academy’s built in educative tools. They are continuously updating their lessons and education videos which are the one and only first & non-profit initiatives.

It is worth to say that Khan Academy provides world class free education on every possible topics that a student need to have no matter on which classes and programs they are on their campus or universities.

Every students, teachers, enthusiasts, researchers, online classes and lessons searchers, peoples who are adult but still want to learn lessons that the colleges are teaching can be benefited from this organization. You won’t have to pay any charges to take these classes. Moreover, you can create a personal profile on Khan Academy website from where you can evaluate your learning progress. You can also measure one which topic you need more improvements. By using their learning tool all the educational process will be much easier that you never found in any online media these days. If you are a student or guardians of a kid, you can easily know what your students or Kids are doing in Khan Academy. As a student you can see what you have learned from their stats. You know it’s really interesting to see what the mistakes you did and how you learned everything from the scratch by using their free learning tools and video lessons.

Khan Academy offers free online video lessons on K-12 Mathematics, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Finance, History and Arts. It is worthy to say that, each video lessons cover each topic in details in the perspective of a students and all kind of problems and solutions are briefly discussed here.

In the math related lessons you will find each topic is briefly discussed at step by step process along with random and useful Hints. Their database concludes all the related videos on each problem you want to have a solution on Khan Academy which is really amazing when you really get it for free of charge.

You can browse over 2700 video lessons on their library from where you can learn about Algebra with examples, American Civics, Arithmetic, Art History, Banking & Finance, Biology, Brain Teasers, Calculus, Geometry, Chemistry, Computer Science, Cosmology & Astronomy, Currency, Economics, Developmental Math, Differential Equation, GMAT, Health Care & Medicine, History and related interviews of various famous teachers and education specialists.

Visit Khan Academy’s official website to know details about everything:

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