Is Social Media Attraction Good For The Students?

To me, yes! Social Media is good for the students who are taking the Online Education, or a student of any E-Learning Institute. And the students who are studying on any campus-based institution, the Social Media is good for them too. You can ask me, Why?

Well, we know the BIG 2 social media named Facebook & Twitter has been extended in all over the world like the drugs. Peoples can’t avoid these two big fish. The teenagers who are all time friendly, have already connected themselves with the Twitter & Facebook too.

I think, none of the students have been excluded from the twitter & facebook storm. If a question is asked to 50 students like – “Do you gather with your friends at evening to play soccer?”. The answer will be “No…I hardly”. But if you ask a question to 50 students like – “Do you log into twitter or Facebook at everyday?”. The answer will be “Yes”. Now imagine, how popular the twitter and Facebook are.

Now, the point is- is such type of addiction on Social media really good for the students? Yes, it still good; if it properly can be used. Suppose, a student are having trouble with a Math. If he/she knows that some of her/his friend might stay in Facebook or Twitter. He/she definitely will log in there and tell these about the problems he/she is facing and eventually got solved! It’s an amazing feature of the Social media for the students if it is properly used.

And other way, the teachers of the Educational institutions can use the Social Media to reach nearer to the Students which will be highly beneficial for the students. If the extra time of a Student can be used technically by using the social media like twitter and Facebook, who will say that – Social media is bad for the students? Teachers can send study related message or status to their students daily, which will not only make the students to be aware of the study; but also please them having a close relationship with the teacher. It’s really a great thing.

It is really good news for the students who loves the Social media that – some professors have already started these social media techniques. I can’t but left to miss some of the names like – Monte Lutz, A Professor of Johns Hopkins University & Bettina Moss, a professor of National University.

Best Luck Social Media!!!

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