Is Online Education Distance Really Matter?

I found some people who have just refused some exclusive online education degree offers just excusing of Online Education Distance.

Their point of view was “Oh…Online Education?? I am here in small huts of the Small Bangladesh and I will have to get lessons from an online institution which is located in UK?” How come!!

Ok…let me tell you something about this where the DISTANCE is matter.

  1. Learning is the main thing, being educated is the main thing; no matter where the institution is located. Yeah! I believe it strongly. If you are a Muslim you might know a quote of Prophet Hazrat Mohammed (SM) that “Go China if the knowledge gathering is needed”. So it proves that emphasizing on learning should be given importance rather than the education institute distances. In this view I think the Online Education Distance is not a crucial matter to think about.
  2. In this era of Technology if you feel you are helpless and if you feel that it’s not possible to make a proper communication with the online teachers and a contacting gap will be created; then I must say “You are a fool”.
  3. How many ways you would like to have to make your educational communication easier with the respective institution? There are lots of ways to choose and you will be asked to choose the best options for you. So don’t worry about the distance. Just go ahead baby.Every peoples who are using Internet; I found maximum of these also love to subscribe the RSS fees of different blogs, I found some peoples who love to join in different forums and they like discussions, I found lots of peoples around there who even love to share his/her knowledge with rest of the world and they are providing valuable tips for free.
  4. So why you are thinking yourself alone? Why you are thinking that distance is really a matter and nobody will be there whenever I will in need?
  5. Eventually I just want to say “If you have a good Internet connection and if you familiar with all of the probable online easy communication systems than the so called Online education distance must be ignored and you should step forward to brighten your career. My Allah blesses you.

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2 Responses to Is Online Education Distance Really Matter?

  • sebastin says:

    Online instructional program

    Online degrees sound great, and many universities are building the technology to offer distance learning programs. Yet, some universities still require you to use other mediums to obtain your online degrees besides your computer. Some programs require you to use video or telephone conferencing that are less effective. The best online degrees are earned from universities that are fully taught online. Being fully taught via the internet also means that you should look at online degree programs that are taught by qualified professors. Many online programs only hire local teachers………….

  • Loans buzz says:

    i have failed in my intermediate exams last year, i wrote the exams again now. If i failed again, Am i eligible to get an online degree.

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