How to Study or Learn a Lesson with a Scientific & Effective Way

We all are student; but how many of us really know how to read? How many students know how to solve a problem of a lesson in a effective way? How many of us know; how to memorize a lesson in a scientific way so that we will be able to manipulate the learned things on our practical life?

The embarrassing answer is- a few of us know the exact and effective way of studying.

For the sake of proper study; a lot of procedures are to followed by the peoples. But have we ever thought that; is this a scientific way we are studying?
Now I would like to reveal you some tips which are discovered by one of my friends and he got an awesome result after applying it one his practical study life. I think, you will definitely be benefited if you obey the rules I am mentioning below.

There are four (4) techniques of Study. These are –

  1. Review Technique.
  2. Question & Answer Technique.
  3. Detail Technique.
  4. Mixing Technique.

Now I am briefly describing the above four Study techniques.-

Review Techniques:

  1. Firstly select a Lesson or segment of a study part. Now concentrate your mind on the lesson and read the lesson fully for three times from first to last.  During reading, try to understand every word and imagine as if every word are being stored on your brain simultaneously.
  2. Now take your rough Khata or Notebook. Write the essence of the lesson by your own language. Whatever you can remember; just write it on the notebook or a paper.
  3. Now tell the essence without seeing the notebook. It will help you to strengthen the stored word on your brain.

Question & Answer Techniques:

  1. Select a lesson, then read and try to understand every word of the lesson.
  2. Now, take a notebook or paper and write down some questions about the lesson you just have read. The more questions you can make; the better. Write down every question on your notebook or paper.
  3. Now find the answers of the Questions you have made. Arrange all of the questions and answers in a Notebook systematically.
  4. Have a look, upon all of the questions and answers repeatedly.

Detail Techniques:

  1. Select a lesson and read attentively for one time.
  2. Take a paper and write down all of the important parts of the lesson you just have read.
  3. Now, try to understand all of the important parts that you have selected. Concentrate your mind on each part separately with same importance.
  4. Compare the part of the lesson with the reality. Imagine, how it looks in real or what it would be like if I do it practically?
  5. Write, what more things I can done by this part of lesson? What can be included here or what should I exclude? And why I want to exclude or include these things; write down it also.

Mixing Technique:

You may love to follow few techniques from “Review Technique” and some from “Detail Techniques” for your study. Even you may love to follow the combination of “Question & Answer Techniques” with you own procedures. So, the mixing Technique is just up to you. If you feel that- I am okay with mixing procedures and developing more on my Study; then you can follow the Mixing Study Technique.

Well, all of the above tips will be useless, if you don’t use it properly. Wishing you best luck. Thanks.

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