How To Remove The Student’s Depression?

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Student life is the sweetest time of the whole life. In the student life, a guy grows, learns and manipulates. Student life is the best time for a student to learn how to lead a life. And students do so by their different activities and seeing several practical scenes out there.

But, it is seen that some students goes out of the stream. They feel themselves is unsocial and irritated who can’t mix up with other peoples and live alone.

In my life, as a student i have seen several students who are exactly like this and they definitely less-tempered and depressed as they can’t mix with other boys or girls. Because, they can’t take anything easy like others who takes everything as to remove students depression

Actually what is the main reason behind such type of depression? And why some students’ feels depression and others are not though they are living and studying in same platform?

There are several reasons I have found-

1. Inferiority Complex: It’s a crucial problem that most of the students suffers with. At the beginning classes some students shows their best performance in class. But there are some good students there who have the capabilities to do well in class but for an unknown reason she/he can’t express him/her properly at that time, so they feel in inferiority complex. As a result, they feel in depression. In this stage the teachers can come ahead to solve this problem of a student. Teacher can be more closed to the students and ask them about any problems to make a solution.

2. Feeling Lonesome: When the students get themselves admitted in a new school or college to take a higher degree, they might not have any known face there. Naturally, peoples take time to be introduced with one another at this stage. And just before the introducing period students feel lonely which causes depression.

3. Complexity of the Education Institute: Every educational institution has different rules and regulations & cultures and comparatively hard to maintain. So, the newbie students get afraid overwhelming by these rules and find themselves messed up. So, they become depressed and feel irritated.

4. Complexity of The Study: The more steps you will have to attain a higher degree; the hard your study will be. IT doesn’t mean that, these study barriers are not conquerable. But students initially got afraid by seeing some big books, lessons and papers.

5. Hostel Problem: If a student has to go out for education; he/she might have to stay in any Hostel or Mess to continue his/her study. Hence, she/he has to leave her/his family and parents. At the initial time; some students can’t adapt it.  They take some time to be normal like others as because this is first time they are passing their time except her parents and siblings. Before being normalized they feel in depression.

So, if the teacher come to a student closer and be sincere; then any kind of problems mentioned above will be solved.

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