How to Keep My Friendship Everlasting During Study Life?

Everybody of us, have some friends. We each have some close friends too. Just count, how many of your friends still your friend? How many of them have left you? And, if the number friends are huge who have left you, ask yourself “WHY”? What is the main reason that is why your friends are leaving you?
Make Friendship Forever in Study Life

Have you ever tried to recognize what’s wrong with you they have made to close a friendship relation?
Anyways, here are the big 5 tips to make your friendship everlasting

1. Sacrifice: There are no alternatives of “SACRIFICE” to make a friendship everlasting. Most of the relationship just breaks up due to lacking of sacrificing. Remember, if you sacrifice, you will not fall is lose. Rather, sometimes you will be benefited, when your friend will think that- my friend is sacrificing a lot; why I am not doing so? So sacrifice yourself, he/she will sacrifice a lot in return.

2. Understand: Understand what he/she is trying to say. Try to understand his/her feelings. Try to understand which things make her/him more pleased. Then, do accordingly what she/he wants to have from you. That’s it. If you can read her/his mind and can please them; I am damn sure that your friendship will be everlasting.

3. Help: Yeah! A friend in need is a friend indeed. Be helpful when your friends are in badly problems. Help him/her by money, talks, company whatever he/she needs to have. He/she will never forget your existence beside of him/her when she /he are in troubles. Just one cares can make you a friend forever.

4. Care Him/Her: Don’t be rude with him/her. Always phone him/her and know what she/he is doing. Consult if he/she is in any disease, aware him/her if anything vulnerable he/she is going to do. Prohibit her/him if something seems to you bad to be done. If you feel any guilty with him/her just let her/him know it straightly.

5. Love Him/Her: It’s the main part of keeping a friendship relation everlasting. If you don’t love your friend, it’s wouldn’t be possible for you to show the Sacrifice, Understanding, Assistance, Cares that are mentioned above to him/her. So love him/her and make you be loved.

This is the best tips that I have been manipulating in my own life. So far, I have lots of good friends found on my study life and most importantly I don’t have any enemy at all.

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