How to Change The World To A Liveable Space | Some Disasters To Protect

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The more the days are going, the many the times are passing; the environment of this World are getting worsen. Day by day some parts of this world become un-liveable. Some parts of the world are unlivable due to either it is being sunken or it’s highly polluted.

So, how to save the world? Well, if we can solve all of the problems and disasters related to the ruins of the world; then the World will be changed. Just need some proper steps to correct the way how the World is used, how the environment is used and how the natural resources are used by the human being and the machines.Save The World | Change the World

To me, there are some problems which are probably the main reason of the downfall the world. If we can stop these harmful things and if we can find proper remedy for these problems, we definitely will be able to save our world from being ruined.

  1. Over Population: Population increasing is the main and crucial reason of the disasters of this World. The more population a country has, the more power is needed. And where the power required, there some other things like Carbon Mono-oxide emission, Gas burning, Oil burning, Co2 gas emission happens. Thus, the World is being polluted.
  2. Industrialization: Industrialization is hampering the equilibrium of present circumstances of the environment. It is damaging the natural resources like Herbal & See related things in one side; and on other side they are polluting the natures, waters and land by emitting Toxic black smokes, Gas, Carbon Mono Oxide etc. I am not saying that, if we stop the industrialization; the world will be pollution free. I would like to say that, there are lots of alternative, scientific way by using which we can reduce the rate of pollution by Industry. For example, if you use the ETP (Effluent Transfer Plant) for the Textile Mills, the used, wasted water will be refined and sends to the river. So the water will not harm the river’s or sea’s environment.
  3. Atomic, Nuclear, and Molecular & Chemical Ammunition: In today’s world it is seen that the Dominating states are busy enough to make the new atomic ammunition. They not only make it but also process some experiment which drastically ruins the natural environment. Remember the destructive atomic bomb was thrown to the Japan during 2nd World War. The agricultural system of the Japan is still poor due to that horrific attack.
  4. Green House Effect: Green house effect means, a result of bad affecting on the world. Here world is like a Green house. So, the effect on this world is called Green House Effect. How it is defined? Well, we know the temperature of the world is increasing terrifically due to the misuse of the nature. The ozone layer is losing its ability to protect the Ultra Violet rays of Sun. Simultaneously various harmful rays also entering to the world through the cracks of the ozone layer. Further, harmful gases like Methane (CH4), Nitrous Oxide (NO2), Ozone (O3), and Carbon Mono-oxide are being created by various chemical and bio-chemical process of this world’s human being. So, an impervious layer is being created on atmosphere. As a result, the emitted gas from world can’t completely emitted due to the impervious layer of ozone layer and the gas is return to the world again and heating the environment. This is called the Green house effect.

So, how the green house factor is affecting to this world? Well, it is increasing the temperature;   so the ice of the Himalaya, Antarctica and other mounts of the world are being melted and the melted water is blowing away to the rivers and seas. In consequences, comparatively lower lands are in the risk to be inundated.

Now, do you want to save our World??? If so, it’s your turn now. Be conscious about the topics mentioned above, and let others to be conscious. Use your blog or writing power to let the people be aware of these facts to save the world, to make it livable, to ensure a great future for our children, and obviously for the next generation.

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