How To Be Well Prepared For The Online Examination

Those who just have joined in Online Education they may feel some problem about how to be prepared, what the things I will need to accomplish the online exams and what should I do now.

In this post I will successively point out how you can be well prepared for your online examination.

Maximum of the online examination is completed by video chatting or online phone conversation. So I will briefly discuss these.

  1. Use Skype: Do you familiar with Skype? If not, this is the time for you to open an account on Skype. To do it; just go to and manage the account. Add peoples and be easy on online conversion with various peoples. And it will ultimately help you to do well during online examinations with your academic teachers.
  2. Increase Fluency on English: It is known that writing something is easier than the speaking on foreign language. If your mother language is not “English” then you may feel some problems during having conversation with the native speakers. You may write well on English and it does not mean that you will do better in English speaking. So buddy; just keep practicing English speaking and improve yourself. Skype can help you on this matter.
  3. Check The Related Hardware: What will be happened if you just having trouble with your sound device or microphone during online examination? Suppose you have heared a question and just started to answer of this. At the middle of your answering your microphone is getting freeze. It’s not working!!! Huh! It’s a crucial examination man! So be careful on this matter. Check all of your hardware or related accessories before participating on examination.
  4. Be familiar With The Electronic Time & Respective Website: You have to be properly familiar with the respective websites, their navigational links and other tabs so that you will not face any unknown problem of information during exam. You know whenever you press the “Ok” button of online question; just from then your time will be counted and you have to answer online by typing or talking. So be punctual on time and learn how to utilize the time in a shorter period.
  5. Have a Trial Exam &  Related Software: Every online education provider have their own software and trailing system to let their students to check themselves whether they are Okey or not. Try these services and trial yourself. If any problems is found don’t forget to negotiate it with the respective institutions.

Now it’s your turn. Is there anything that I have missed to tell? You can let me know that missed things by commenting here below.

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