Classroom For Kids Based On Online Education

I have written some posts before on online education but all were about adult schools or graduation related education. But today I want to share with you a website by BBC which provides valuable online education for the kids.

Kids are using Internet more than before. In this digital era kids are passing their leisure times with internet and lots of stuffs are being produced for them.

Some renowned organizations like BBC also made some effective courses and learning materials for the kids. Kids now can easily access these online educational materials for free.

If you want to teach something good to your child and if you feel that your child likes the Internet learning then you may love to entice your baby to go BBC.

Oh yeah! I should mention here one thing. Before sending your child to online education; teach them some basic skills about internet and computing. Teach your kid how to handle the e-lessons, how to grab the proper learning materials from the so called online education providing institutions, familiar themselves with how to ask questions and get answered by the online teachers.

Manipulating the lessons that are downloaded from online institutions are little bit tough than the campus based educational institute. Because of scattering the online materials the kids may be messed up sometimes. So they need proper guidance and helps from their guardians like you. So don’t think your responsibility is finished after just your child get admitted or involved in online education. Rather you have to be more cautious, caring and responsible on your child then.

BBC learning segments are quite easy for the children. The website is well-organized and easy to navigate with graphics, podcasts and videos that are the way kids love to learn.

Now I am giving you some BBC Links of classroom for different learning subjects and interests.

  1. CBBC – Create: This is classroom which your kid will definitely love. An Art Game & Movie collection pages with lots of creative games and gallery that will enhance your child’s creativity and simultaneously he/she will be matured enough by learning lots of creative things. Kid older from 6 to 12 will be comfortable on this online learning procedure. Follow This Link to go the classroom for start learning.
  2. Barnaby Bear: Want to make your child the geologist or a good traveler? Why not you try from now? This can be a great classroom for your child ever.  With Barnaby bear your kid will be able to tour long along Paris to far Australia. Good enough isn’t it? 5 to 7 years old child will enjoy this. Follow This Link to go there.
  3. Cbeebies: This is the page for the kids who like to play song, fairy tales, stories, games and photo coloring. Children from 3 to 6 years old will be more benefited by Cbeebies. Follow This Link to go there.
  4. KS1 Bitesize: An interactive online educational page comprises with Maths and Literacy. Good for the children who eager to online education and 5 to 7 years old. Follow This Link to go there. Follow This Link.
  5. KS2 Bitesize: This is another online learning page comprises maths, science and English. Those who want to do better in SAT and want to try from the very first childhood they can follow this link to learn. This education is appropriate for the children who are 7 to 12 years old.
  6. Magic Key: Kids love the magic. And you know if something can be learned by playing or having fun; it would be awesome and unforgettable. So why don’t give your child an online learning opportunity from the Magic Key classroom of BBC where child will learn how to make a sentence and where they can easily learn the vocabulary? Click This Link.
  7. Online Education Program For Primary Students: The children who are in aged of primary education they can learn a lot from this link.

By following the information given (online classroom for learning) above; I am sure your kids will learn a lot of basic things from online and that will be great initiatives towards the further online education degrees or achieving the online certificates of graduation.

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  • Raj says:

    for kids online education i think this site will be helpful It is promoting self study among students and providing videos on various topic for kids

  • Raj says:

    i like this post and i suggest one site eduarrow that providing video tutorial for kids and promoting self study among students

  • ashutosh says:

    hi you can check the link for online education for kids.

    It’s a great website to surf and make kids learn.

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