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Khan Academy | A Free Online Education Provider By Videos

Khan Academy is one of the largest and famous free online education providers which only use Video medium to teach the students. Khan Academy providing their exclusive free classes by capturing every classes in Videos and uploaded it into their website. Most importantly, their database consists of 85,557,164 Video lessons on various topics from Math to Art and every lesson is free to take and easy to exercise by using this Academy’s built in educative tools. They are continuously updating their lessons and education videos which are the one and only first & non-profit initiatives. It is worth to say

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How to Study or Learn a Lesson with a Scientific & Effective Way

We all are student; but how many of us really know how to read? How many students know how to solve a problem of a lesson in a effective way? How many of us know; how to memorize a lesson in a scientific way so that we will be able to manipulate the learned things on our practical life? The embarrassing answer is- a few of us know the exact and effective way of studying. For the sake of proper study; a lot of procedures are to followed by the peoples. But have we ever thought that; is this a

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6 Similarity Between Online Education vs Traditional Education

A lot of peoples of today’s educational worlds find a similarity between the online education and traditional education and some others find the both is totally alternatives each other. But I think there are a lot of things that are similar on both and we should consider these.

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