April 2011

How to Make Employers Take Your Online Degree Seriously

As more and more Americans turn to higher education to advance their careers, they look for degree options that allow them to earn a high quality education without upending their already busy schedules. The two universities in the United States with the highest enrollment rates in 2009, University of Phoenix and Kaplan University, are also known for offering extensive and exclusively online degree programs. Even with these growing numbers, some employers are still hesitant to take an online degree seriously. A 2010 poll among members of the Society for Human Resource Management, conducted by eLearners.com, showed that less than half

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[Part 01]Get Free Online Courses & Classes from Various Online University

Online free classes and courses is formed for the e-learners and distance learners. It is worth mentioning that you won’t get any credit or certificate from the free online classes or courses. This type of free classes is designed to make a online student more efficient on online learning and understandable to the whole online educational systems. There are a lot of online  universities and organizations available who offers various free classes and courses in various topics like Information Technology, Finance, Nursing, Laws, Arts, Science and lot of others faculty. In this post, I will give you a list of

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What Opportunities A Student Expect From An Online School?

Online school is a media for the online students to be educated. As the teachers-students face to face interaction is happened here a very few, so a students who would want to get himself admitted in this online institution, s/he might want to have some flexible and up-to date facilities from that schools. This kind of expectation may vary students to student, as the students are from all over the world with different types of interest and cultural behaviors. But as the learning is concerned and earning degree from an accredited online school is the main goal; some common expectation

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