March 2010

Is Online Education Distance Really Matter?

I found some people who have just refused some exclusive online education degree offers just excusing of Online Education Distance. Their point of view was “Oh…Online Education?? I am here in small huts of the Small Bangladesh and I will have to get lessons from an online institution which is located in UK?” How come!! Ok…let me tell you something about this where the DISTANCE is matter. Learning is the main thing, being educated is the main thing; no matter where the institution is located. Yeah! I believe it strongly. If you are a Muslim you might know a quote

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6 Similarity Between Online Education vs Traditional Education

A lot of peoples of today’s educational worlds find a similarity between the online education and traditional education and some others find the both is totally alternatives each other. But I think there are a lot of things that are similar on both and we should consider these.

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How To Be Well Prepared For The Online Examination

Those who just have joined in Online Education they may feel some problem about how to be prepared, what the things I will need to accomplish the online exams and what should I do now. In this post I will successively point out how you can be well prepared for your online examination. Maximum of the online examination is completed by video chatting or online phone conversation. So I will briefly discuss these. Use Skype: Do you familiar with Skype? If not, this is the time for you to open an account on Skype. To do it; just go to

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